The Science of Safe Smoking


  1. Always use a water-pipe and change the fluid often. There is no reason to have particulate matter in your lungs. Though water is poor at filtering toxins, it is excellent at removing ash and soot from recreational smoke.


  1. Avoid ice and cold water in your pipe. Cannabinoids condense better at lower temperatures and will adhere to the pipe easier. Warmer water is more molecularly active and filters better. The temperature of the air and smoke has little damaging effect on the respiratory system. Also avoid tap water due to chemicals such as chlorine.


  1. Use as potent a product as possible. A higher ratio of psychoactives to plant material means less smoking, less combustion and less toxins.


  1. Light the product slowly and from as far away as possible. Stop lighting it before it is fully ignited. Cannabinoids and nicotine vaporize at a lower temperature than tar so, by the time the plant material is fully burning, the vapors have dispersed. Burning product and inhaling smoke after this point just results in more tar and carbon in your lungs. Smoke one hit at a time and don’t relight.


  1. Do not “hold” the smoke inside your lungs. Cannabinoid and nicotine vapors are absorbed much more rapidly by lung tissue than tar. Inhale fully and immediately exhale. Pausing just allows tar and other carcinogens to work deeper into your lungs.


  1. Exhale outside, open windows or smoke near an external exhaust fan like in your bathroom. Secondhand smoke is dangerous, smelly and unnecessary.


  1. Avoid tobacco if possible. Though cannabis and tobacco smoke are similar in carcinogens, they behave differently in the lungs. Tobacco smoke has bronco constrictive effects regarding the pulmonary system while cannabis smoke exhibits bronchodilation, making cannabis byproducts and resulting mucus easier to clear. Tobacco smoke is also more damaging to the cilia of the respiratory system which is the main mechanism by which the lungs clean themselves.


  1. Use a refillable lighter and the purest butane that you can afford. We recommend butane that has been refined multiple times for clean burning with less byproducts. If you use matches, let the sulfur burn off before lighting your product. Toothpicks lit from a candle are probably your safest bet.



  1. Always use CarcinoBlock for the safest smoke possible!