What are the benefits?

Less respiratory damage from smoking, removal of carcinogens and mutagens, reduction in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, tar and butane byproducts. Also a small reduction in human carbon footprint and potential global warming associated with exhaled toxins.

Is it safe?

It is not only non-toxic, organic, and water-soluble but our sodium-copper chlorophyllin is commonly used as a nutritional supplement and a food grade colorant, so it is good for you!

How do I measure correct concentration?

At the correct concentration, the solution should appear like lime kool-aid, translucent green and able to see through. If the solution is dark and not translucent, it is too strong but will still work fine.

How often should I change the fluid?

It depends on how much you smoke, but normally, a couple sessions. When the solution becomes milky and unable to see through, it is saturated with hydrocarbon and time to replace. Change at least daily for best results.

What is the best type of water-pipe to use this in?

It works great in any water-based pipe, dab-rig, bong or hookah, but we have found it lasts longer and is more economical when used in a multi-chambered device like percolators. This way, the first chamber can be used with water only as an ash-catcher while the second chamber with solution stays cleaner longer, being free from particulate matter.

What type of water is best to mix powder with?

Tap water works fine since we have adjusted the pH to counteract slight acidity. We prefer filtered or bottled water because it tastes better and is usually free from chlorine.  Try Penta water for the cleanest hit possible. Let us know your favorite!

Can I see lab tests that confirm hydrocarbon removal?

Soon you will! We are currently working on very expensive gas analysis which is difficult for a new start-up company but we have done some preliminary testing. We have tested more hydrocarbon in used solution vs. equally used water alone which strongly indicates its removal. We also have a patent pending so releasing specific info is confidential until approved. The science is already proven and confirmed by many scientific journals and institutions which we can link to you if you desire.