It is an exciting time for the cannabis and tobacco industries with new advances in science making recreational smoking much safer. CarcinoBlock is the innovator of a revolutionary new product that is capable of removing much of the toxins associated with combustion of plant material.


Water-pipes have been used for over 500 years and, during that time, people have tried to find a solution that is better than water for filtering smoke. Though water is excellent at filtering particulate matter like ash, dust and soot, it is essentially incapable of filtering polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), the main carcinogenic and mutagenic components of recreational smoke and tar.


It took the scientists at CarcinoBlock to finally develop a solution superior to water in all aspects of this type of filtration. We have long known that chlorophyll, a pigment produced by all plants which is required for photosynthesis, is able to bind with PAH. The problem is in the fact that natural chlorophyll is lipid or fat soluble and would have the unwanted effect of also binding to cannabinoids and nicotine, reducing the desired psychoactive effect.


Through advanced chemistry, we remove the hydrophobic magnesium tail of the chlorophyll molecule and replace it with a hydrophilic copper tail, making it completely water soluble. This new molecule, Sodium-Copper Chlorophyllin, is able to bind with PAH, leaving it suspended in the solution, while cannabinoids and nicotine pass through freely.


There has been much scientific research on this non-toxic and organic molecule and you will find links to scientific journals on wikipedia.com for example. One of the top researchers on carcinogenic and mutagenic activity is the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University who states the following: “Sodium-Copper Chlorophyllin is able to form tight molecular complexes with known and suspected carcinogens, and in doing so, may block carcinogenic activity.”


Currently, we have a patent application on file with the USPTO and are in Patent Pending status. Our product is launching in May 2017 and we are reaching out to influencers in the cannabis and tobacco industries. You can find our product at www.carcinoblock.com and at select retailers.


Please try one of our samples if you would like. Combine approximately ¼ teaspoon per 4 ounces of water and insert into water-pipe before smoking. You will notice a striking translucent green color and a cleaner tasting and less harsh smoke. Also, your pipe will stay cleaner as less hydrocarbon is available to adhere to inner surfaces. Please let us know what you think on our website or twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram, etc. If you are a potential retailer or journalist, contact us for purchasing discounts and more info. Thank you so much for being one of the first to try this revolutionary new product and enjoy the safest smoke possible!